Walking on Clouds


Wearing: Current Elliot Leather Jacket, Brandy Melville Top, Frame Denim, Adidas Sneakers, and Celine Purse

Location: Schlossberg, Graz, Austria 

Holy. It's been FAAAARRRRRR too long since I've posted on here. Sorry to leave you all hanging. Here's my excuses: 1. I moved from LA to London, 2. I went to Vietnam without my laptop, 3. I came back from Vietnam then went to Ibiza haha, 4. I started school for my Master's degree. 

Okay I know, I know excuses are totally not valid when you prioritize your life. But hey give this millennial a break! I can't always be plugged in all the time. However, here's my promise to you that I'm getting back up on this blog and on my YouTube THIS WEEK. I've said it way too often in the past that I was going to get back going. So I'm promising not myself but all of you, which makes me more accountable for my actions. 

So onto the outfit? Yes? 

Let's do it. 

First I'd like to mention that I also went to Austria and if you want an awesome view of Graz climb the stairs up to the top of Schlossberg. 

I was told to wear comfy shoes so instead of my go to black combat boots with an all black outfit I slipped on my new Adidas instead. These are the Adidas Swift Run Sneakers. They come in a bunch of color ways for both guys and girls and are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever walked in ever. They feel like I'm seriously walking on clouds. Aside from being comfort level 1000% they're also pretty practical as well. The design on them is pretty simple. The iconic three steps with a bit of an elevated white sole. This makes them easy enough to throw into an outfit mix. I didn't feel weird at all wearing them with my destroyed denim and leather jacket. And Adidas are so trendy right now that you won't be sacrificing any cool factor by wearing sneakers instead of booties. 

Since I've moved to London I haven't been afraid to pair all my outfits with sneakers instead of boots or platform sandals. City life living. 

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