A Look Inside the "Museum of Ice Cream"

The Museum of Ice Cream has made it's way from New York to Los Angeles and it's next stop, recently announced, is San Francisco! 

This teeny tiny pop up exhibit has been splattered all over Instagram. If you haven't seen a photo of someone in the sprinkle pool on your feed then I'm really not sure if you're using Instagram correctly. Although some may say the vibrantly instaworthy spot is overrated, overgrammed, and overpriced, I beg to differ. 

Now disclaimer. I didn't pay for my ticket. And no this is not a sponsored post. My bestie, Celina, bought me tickets for my birthday! Her approach was are you doing anything on July 28th and I'm like...I have no clue. She asked me in May haha or maybe April. Just really ahead of time. And so July 28th Museum of Ice Cream I penned into my planner. Yes, literally penned. I use a paper planner not Google Cal or iCal. Technology sometimes really bothers me. 

Before I knew July 27th came, I was 23, and then July 28th came and I was somewhere east of Downtown near the Arts District standing next to a pink building playing corn hole in the backlot of Soylent. 

For $30, here's what we got! 

1. Entrance in the Museum - DUH 

We got there way too early. So they stuck us in an almost literal playpen. It was Soylent's backlot that had some hula hoops, connect 4, and corn hole to keep us entertained. Then 15 minutes before our time slot of 9pm we got to check in. Following check in, everyone ticketed for our time slot had to pick a team name together. Celina decided to just kind of takeover and yell out "BIG STICKS". So Big Sticks it was. 

The museum staff uses team names to coordinate with each other where each group was inside the museum.  

2. All the Instagrammable Rooms 

You move through the museum by moving through different rooms. You're allowed to spend all the time you want in each room AND use flash in your photos, which is pretty awesome. But, the caveat is you can't go backwards. The staff warns you about this and reminds you to get all your shots in each room before heading to the next. 

The only room that had a time limit was the Sprinkle Pool room. Here you have about (I want to say) 5 minutes. Maybe a little more. I just know it was more than enough time to get some good snaps. They give you a 2 minute warning too. 


3. Sugar Overload

Yes, you do get fed at the Museum of Ice Cream. We got to have Dove Chocolate, Coolhaus Smore's Ice Cream, MyMo Mint Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream, Gummy Bears, Black Licorice, Sour Cherry Balls, Malt Chocolate Balls, and a Frozen Custard Pancake Sandwich. Although, I was a little mad because the museum is also sponsored by famed Salt & Straw and McConnell's, which are 2 of my favorite ice cream places. We didn't get scoops that night from either of these places and other people who went on other dates did! 

I'm so glad that Celina got me these tickets for my birthday. I would've never seen the museum if she didn't. So wooo shoutout to her. I genuinely had a great time there. The only thing is it was a little bit underwhelming. But I think that's only the case because I've seen so many photos of it on Instagram so nothing in there really surprised me. So overall I think the museum was pretty worth it. We were definitely full on sugar and photos by the end of it.

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