The Best Coffee, Cakes, and Views in Linz, Austria


Linz is the 3rd largest city in Austria and it has a lot to offer! 

The city sits by the Danube River, making it a picture perfect European city. Although it is the 3rd largest city in Austria, it's still pretty small with a population of around 200,000. 

Here's 7 things you have to do if you're in Linz

1. Hilltop views from Pöstlingberg 

Pöstlingberg is the iconic hill that sits next to Linz. You can either drive up or take the tram up to the top. It's a perfect spot to watch the sun set behind the city and the Danube. Aside from the gorgeous views, up here you can also find a church, the Linz Zoo, and the Grottenbahn (this is number 2!) there. 


2. Be a kid at the Linzer Grottenbahn 

The Grottenbahn sits atop Pöstlingberg. Here you can enter into a world of fairytales. It's mainly for little kids but honestly I thought it was pretty creepy haha. If I came here as a child I would be scared out of my mind. Although, I was always scared of everything when I was little. All the children there seemed to be enjoying themselves. What happens is you ride this little dragon train and it goes around 4 times then you're popped into a downstairs area with small kids' activities and interactive scenes from various traditional tales.

3. 360 views from the top of Der Turm at Höhenrausch

The Höhenrausch is an art exhibition located in the center of Linz. The main attraction is Der Turm or what I call the wooden platform tall thing haha. It's seriously a very tall wooden structure. For only 3 Euros you can make your way to the top. It's stairs only so be prepared for a tiny workout. It's not that bad I promise and the view at the top is totally worth it. Here you get the best 360 degree view of Linz. 


4. Coffee and Cake at Friedlieb und Töchter 

Friedlieb und Töchter is the cutest little cafe! It has a perfect cosy cafe vibes with the perfect mint mugs. I could definitely sit here all day. Their menu offerings are also super enticing. They have one of the best banana bread loafs I have ever had. And their drinks are to die for. I got a chai latte and Oliver got a cappuccino. They were as tasty as they were aesthetically pleasing. So skip the easy chain coffees or the McCafe and head here instead for some real caffeine refueling. 


5. Traditional Linzer Torte 

Don't you dare leave Linz without have a Linzer Torte. It tastes like Christmas! It's a spiced cake with some jam filling inside that's best served with a cup of milk or coffee or both! The Linzer Torte is actually the world's oldest cake. The recipe for it dates all the way back to 1653. Now there's 2 places in town where you can buy your own Linzer Torte. We wanted to get ours at k.u.k. Hofbäckerei Café but it was closed when we got there. So instead we got ours at Konditorei Jindrak


6. Hilltop Views from Schlossmuseum Linz

There are quite a view museums in Linz. So you can take your pick anywhere from modern art at the Lentos Art Museum to technology at the Ars Electronic Center. But if you're looking for more aerial views of Linz you're better off making your way up to Schlossmuseum. There you can learn about the history of the charming city inside the museum and appreciate the beauty of the charming city outside the museum. It's only a short walk from the center of town. 


7. Day Trip to Attersee

Last but certainly not least on this list is Attersee. Attersee is the largest lake in the Upper Austria region. So, yes, it's definitely breathtaking. The lake is only about 1 hour away by car from Linz, making it an easy day or even half day trip from Linz. My tip is to go early so that you can have the whole lake to yourself. It starts to get busy around 10am. 


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