10 Restaurants You Have to Try in Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is known for many things. Surf, sand, and sun being the top 3. But did you know that this island paradise also comes with a delectable serving of savory foods? Here's 10 restaurants you have to try in Oahu. 

1. Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In is the spot for quick, cheap, and delicious traditional Hawaiian Foods. They serve up all the traditional plates, like the Loco Moco bowl, as well as their infamous slushes, which are basically like huge servings of shaved ice with your choice of syrup in a cup. Sugar high? Yes. And if you're a super fan or just want some cool souvenirs they also have merchandise. 


2. Leonard's Bakery

Leonard's Bakery sits just a quick drive down from Rainbow Drive-In. Two birds with one stone right? So if you opted out of the Rainbow Drive-In slush and are still craving something sweet hop on over to Leonard's. They're famous for their malasadas, Portugese doughnuts. You can get them either coated in plain sugar, cinnamon sugar, or li hing, or filled with custard, chocolate, coconut, or their flavor of the month. If you want them hot and fresh go right when they open. This will also give you the largest variety of options because they do sell out quick! 


3. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck 

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is a seafood lovers haven. It's all the way on the North Shore so if you're staying in Waikiki you're going to have to catch a ride. I recommend renting a convertible Mustang. It's a pretty chill way to cruise around the island. People seriously drive to the North Shore just to eat from this food truck. The hype's real and really it's that good. Be prepared to get your hands dirty because the shrimp comes sauced in your choice of garlic, hot spice, or lemon butter. 


4. Ono Hawaiian Foods 

Ono Hawaiian Foods is by far my favorite restaurant on all of Oahu. This is my pick for authentic Hawaiian food on the island. I have to eat here every single time I'm in Waikiki. My go to plate (not anymore because I'm vegan now) is the Kalua Pork and Laulau. Their food is amazing and their service is too. If you mention that it's your first time there or even first time trying Hawaiian food they'll walk you through the menu and even bring out samples for you to try! The restaurant is super small so a line can form pretty fast. Get there early to beat the lunch rush. 


5. Helena's Hawaiian Food

Helena's Hawaiian Food is another extremely popular place for authentic Hawaiian Food. It's a perfect fit for that laid back all chill Hawaiian island vibe. Here you'll get some home cooked hot food and homey hospitality too. The restaurant is still family owned and run by Helena's very own grandson. And now I'm tempted to say "Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind".

6. Ono Seafood 

Ono Seafood, blink and you'll miss it. This hole in the wall serves up a mean plate of fresh fish. If you came to Hawaii for poke this is your stop. The bustling little shop is constantly buzzing with the sounds of hungry patrons and poke bowl prep. You get quite a lot of food for the price too so that's a plus for sure. Like all other popular Hawaiian little shops this place gets crowded fast. But because it runs itself sort of like a deli the wait goes by pretty fast. 

7. AGU Ramen

AGU Ramen brings in some Japanese flare. Ramen has become quite popular within the past couple of years. It's a cheap and filling food so I can see why it's such an attractive food. Many people will argue that this is the best ramen on the entire island. And I can't totally disagree with that statement and that's saying a lot since I'm not the biggest fan of ramen. I love that they offer up some real spice. Hot enough to make our whole table cry tears while devouring our meal. 


8. Marukame Udon 

Marukame Udon is like the Chipotle of noodles. It's udon served up cafeteria style! Udon has always been my favorite type of noodle so of course I'm a little attached to this restaurant. Here you can actually watch the entire process of udon making. From a large pile of dough into your large bowl of soup. It's also super cheap so if you're on a budget opt for a meal here. 


9. Bubbies

Bubbies calls out to all you mochi lovers out there. Handmade ice cream and handmade mochi. Dessert has never been easier or more delicious! Actually you don't even have to be in Hawaii to taste a bit of their ice cream. Whole Foods now serves mochi ice cream from Bubbies so depending on where you live you may have a little of Hawaii just down the street. 

10. McDonald's 

McDonald's. I know what you're thinking. Seriously you're going to put McDonald's on this list Genie? Yes, I am so so serious. Why? Because, one word, Spam. And if you're a Spam hater then you can just stop reading now. If you didn't already know, McDonald's usually has a specialty item in different countries. In Hawaii they have Spam! In addition to Spam they also have saimin, which is like noodles or ramen, and taro pie. 


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