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The Overview

Name: Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Schwarzstraße 5-7, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Hotel Rating: ★★★★★

Phone: +43 (0) 662 889 770
Fax: +43 (0) 662 889 775 51

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My Experience

My Room: Superior Room on the 3rd Floor with a river view
Stay: April 27-28, 2017
My Room Rating: ★★★★★
My Hotel Rating: ★★★★★

The History

The Hotel Sacher brand never disappoints. Although its famed for the Wien location, its Salzburg location claims an older legacy. Originally Österreichischer Hof, this beautiful riverside hotel was founded in 1866. It wasn’t until the year 1988 that the Gütler and Winkler family came into possession of it and transformed it from Österreichischer Hof to the 2nd Hotel Sacher. However if you look closely remnants of its original name are still visible throughout the hotel. Many Österreichischer Hof emblems were left untouched, still clutching on to ceilings and floors.  Nevertheless, the hotel now fully embodies the Hotel Sacher ambiance: a traditional feel with modern fixtures swirled into the mix. It’s no doubt a beautiful place to be in an equally beautiful city.

Of the 111 rooms and suites, I spent one night in a taupe colored superior river view room. Room 310 on the 3rd floor to be exact. So let’s go through it shall we? 


Feel Like Royalty

Hotel Sacher Salzburg

The Check In

After about 20 hours of traveling, (yes I'm serious, this is not an exaggerated amount), I was both beyond excited and relieved to arrive at Hotel Sacher Salzburg.

From the airport I hopped quickly into the first taxi I found and anxiously watched my taxi driver swiftly wind through the glistening Salzburg streets towards town. Okay that’s a little too romanticized. It was more like I just anxiously watched the taxi meter tick away euro by euro. But a couple minutes into the ride, through the rain spotted windows of the car I got my first glimpse of the hotel. It sat across the river from where we were, lit up so perfectly, that even without seeing its name I knew, that’s it, that’s my destination.

I truly adore the check in process at Hotel Sacher (in both Wien and Salzburg). The staff always goes above and beyond to make each and every guest feel not only welcome but also comfortable and familiar. It’s always a completely personalized check in process. Once my taxi pulled up to the entrance a doorman immediately greeted me and offered to take my bags. Then I was escorted to the front desk where I collected my room key and was offered a quick overview tour of the hotel, which I kindly declined since I was going on one in the morning anyways! Then my favorite part of a Hotel Sacher check in: a personal escort from the front desk to my room. 

The Room

I braced myself as the door opened to my 3rd floor, room 310, superior room. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect because every room in Hotel Sacher is at least a little different from the next. And like I said before Hotel Sacher seriously never disappoints.

I was welcomed by a room adorned with impressive real wood floors, impeccably delicate wallpaper, a gorgeous white marbled bathroom, and an inviting bed that could probably fit 4 of me, maybe more. I was so tempted to just jump into bed but first, pics or it didn’t happen. 

The Breakdown

Okay so here's the breakdown. What do you get for a night at Hotel Sacher Salzburg? 

Impeccable Service: Personalized check in, doorman, 24 hour front desk and concierge staff, 24 hour room service, nightly turn down service
Time to Chocolate: Welcome Sacher Cube placed perfectly on the night stand next to the gigantic bed, exclusively Hotel Sacher's Time to Chocolate bath amenities (shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion)
Decked Out Room: Free high speed wifi throughout the hotel, TVs (yes multiple depending on what room you're in), surround sound system, heated bathroom floors, rainfall shower head, pillow menu, gigantic bed to fit all your pillows you've ordered from the pillow menu, bath tub that's accompanied by a bath pillow (so ahhh relaxation), an unbeatable view (depending on what room you're in), and literally just the room decor itself is enough to take your breath away. 
Breakfast Buffet: Breakfast at Hotel Sacher deserves a 10 minute standing ovation in my opinion. The breakfast at the Salzburg location is a little smaller but still amazing, amazing, amazing. I can't even remember all the options from memory so watch the room tour video to see what I'm talking about. On top of the buffet options you can also order any kind of hot coffee or tea drink and eggs cooked to your liking. 

Final Thoughts

It's an obvious 5 stars for Hotel Sacher Salzburg and their Superior Room. Staying here is definitely worth a little extra splurge if you want to feel like a princess. Just a quick note that the hotel is on the other side of the river. But Salzburg is so small that it really doesn't matter. A quick walk across the bridge will land you in Old Town near all the sights and shopping. And we all know exercise is good for the soul. 


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