Hallstatt, Austria is Unbelievably Gorgeous

Hallstatt, Austria 

The quaint village of Hallstatt easily wins my vote for most photogenic (that I've been to so far) place. 

After seeing basically every single travel photographer on my Insta feed post a photo of it, I decided it was time for me to have some photos of Hallstatt of my own. A 1.5 hour drive from Salzburg led us winding down or more accurately winding up an extremely scenic road ending at the perfect little village of Hallstatt. 

There you can stroll around town, grab a coffee on the edge of Hallstätter See, tour salt mines, buy a lot of salt, and, for the main attraction, head to the top of the Salzberg (we "hiked" up, which gave us way more of a view, but you can always take the railcar up) to the Welterbeblick, aka in English, the Hallstatt Skywalk World Heritage View platform. 

It's touristy, yes. I 1000% agree. But it's also definitely a place you don't want to be crossing of your list anytime soon. 

My advice for when you're there. Put the camera down for a sec and take in the view, really breathe in the fresh air. I had to remind myself to not get so caught up experiencing it through my lens. One shot of something and back off my camera went. It's hard to mess up a shot here anyways. 

So for your enjoyment and on my part to hopefully evoke some of the jealousy I felt scrolling through the Hallstatt geotag a couple months ago in you, here are most of my photos from my trip there. 

Where is Hallstatt?

In Austria, duh.

Just kidding. 

Hallstatt is located in Upper Austria and it is actually pretty easy to get to if you have a car and a bit of GPS. 


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