Stella Has Me Seeing Stars


Wearing: Stella McCartney Platform Shoes, Hudson Jeans, Zara Sweatshirt, Gucci Purse, and Free People Sunglasses

Location: Studio City, California, USA

I jump on trends kinda late sometimes. BECAUSE I like to buy things on sale haha. And these beautiful Stella McCartney Denim Elyse Striped Star Shoes were totally worth the wait. I tend to stay away from classic designs. I like to get designs that are a little different or a little out there. I know these aren't like crazy different or anything but I think they are so cute! They're really easy to throw on. They match with pretty much anything, being that they are denim. Also they're really comfortable to walk in. I thought that the Elyse would be a little too heavy to just casually walk around in. But I was definitely wrong. This was the first day I wore them and no blisters! 

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge fan of platform shoes. I love that you can add height without adding discomfort. I'm not about to walk around all day in heels just to be a couple inches taller. Save that for the club. All the clubs...that I don't go to haha. 

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