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Name: Hotel Goldener Hirsch, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Salzburg
"The epitome of Austrian hospitality since 1407"

Location: Salzburg, Austria
Getreidegasse 37, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Hotel Rating: ★★★★★

Phone: +43 662 80840

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My Experience

My Room: Festival Wing Room
Stay: April 28-30, 2017
My Room Rating: ★★★★★
My Hotel Rating: ★★★★★

The History

Hotel Goldener Hirsch is the oldest hotel in The Luxury Collection hotel group! And by old, I mean really really really old. The earliest date that the building traces back to is the year 1407. See, really old. By 1564 it began being known as "Güldener Hirsch". Now the historic hotel serves as a hot spot for not only vacationers year round but also especially for festival attendees. Goldener Hirsch is located right next to the Großes Festspielhaus or in English, Great Festival Hall. This makes it the most popular retreat during festival season and why the hotel has a wing deemed the Festival Wing. The Salzburg Festival, a celebration of music and drama, is held every year for 5 weeks in late July. I definitely have to go back to see this! 

Also, a quick note on the hotel's unbeatable location. If you want to be in the center of it all in Salzburg then Goldener Hirsch is definitely your top pick. It sits on Getreidegasse, which is the main shopping street in Old Town and also the street on which Mozart's birthplace resides as well. You really can't get better than this. 

Okay, so now onto my room! Hotel Goldener Hirsch has 70 guest rooms and suites that are divided into 4 categories: "Classic" rooms, "Exclusive" rooms, "Festival Wing" rooms, and "Suite" rooms and 4 color ways: pink, blue, yellow, and red. I got to stay in a charming pink "Festival Wing" room. 

Goldener Hirsch

A Salzburg Tradition

The Check In

It was snowing outside. Okay pause. Yes it was basically May and there was snow. A lot of it too. Being from LA, I was beyond excited to see snow, but Oliver and our taxi driver on the other hand were a little more than annoyed at the weather. Also, yes we took a 5 minute taxi ride across town, which was probably not even a mile, because it was snowing haha. Anyways, let's get back to it.

 It was snowing when we arrived so I was definitely happy to step into Goldener Hirsch. The very first thing I noticed was its very traditional Austrian charm. Love at first sight! I usually gravitate more towards modern and sleek designs, but Goldener Hirsch was immediately so warm and cosy that I fell head right over heels for it the moment I stepped in. 

We were pleasantly welcomed by the front desk staff, given our key, and personally escorted up to our "Festival Wing" room. Our escort pointed out some key things about the hotel, including my favorite: when and where breakfast would be served. As we walked through the halls I thought, "wow this place is way bigger than it looks". I later came to find out that the hotel is not 1 but actually 4 buildings connected. Looks can be deceiving! 

And then a small flight of stairs and a quick elevator ride later we find ourselves in our room. 

The Room

Words cannot describe and pictures cannot capture how amazingly unique the room was. Everything was in a very traditional Austrian style, verified first by my personal Austrian tour guide, Oliver, and later by the lovely Ms. Verena from Goldener Hirsch. The decor of the room became even more special when I found out the next morning that every single piece of furniture in every single room in the hotel was handpicked by Countess Harriet Walderdoff who took over hotel operations in 1939. You can definitely feel the love and see the detail that was put into each furniture piece. Also, our room was designed in pink, which I absolutely adored! 

Like I said before our room was a "Festival Wing" room so it was definitely quite big. The "Festival Wing" rooms are the most spacious rooms in the hotel, ranging from 33 to 48 square meters. We had a comfortable couch area equipped with a TV, of course, and a bed that was larger than life. Or larger than me, definitely. I could completely sprawl out on it and still not cover even half of the bed! It's safe to say that I slept very well at Goldener Hirsch. 

Out of all the amazing details of the room, my favorite part had to be the view or maybe the bathroom marble or the traditional woodwork. Okay, really I can't decide! Being in the Festival Wing our room had a great view of the Großes Festspielhaus, which looked even prettier dusted in the recent snow. And the bathroom was huge! Bigger than my entire flat in London, that's for sure. You could have a party in there I swear. And the wood in the room. It really takes your breath away, especially if you're like me and are from California where things built in the 1950s and even the 1980s are labeled as historical. Wooden beams, wooden wardrobe, wooden table, wooden headboard, and a wooden vanity. All of these made me feel like I took a time machine back to 1407. America wasn't even close to existing yet. Okay, maybe not that far back but I was definitely feeling some Sound of Music vibes. 

The Breakdown

Okay so here's the breakdown. What do you get for a night at Hotel Goldener Hirsch? 

Tradition: Above all else you'll get a full traditional treatment. From the decor in your room and the food served to the famed cocktail and the wonderful staff, it's all in Austrian tradition. You can really get to know the history and culture here. Just spark up a conversation with any of the staff and they'd be happy to chat with you. Or order something traditional at the restaurants or off of the room service menu. 
24 Hour Service: Hungry in the middle of the night? Don't worry there's 24 hour in room dining! Need a restaurant or sight seeing recommendation at 3am (which I don't know why you would) the front desk is there all night! So really there's no need to stress about anything while you're here because the hotel staff hits a very high bar for their quality of service. 
A Good Night's Sleep: After walking around town all day you'll want to lay down on this gigantic bed and never ever get up again. It's literally so comfortable that I can't find any other way to express how insanely comfortable it is. 
Restaurants: As mentioned above, the food here consists of traditional Austrian cuisine. But, unlike some hotel restaurants the in house restaurants, Herzl and Goldener Hirsch, are arguably the best in town with the best service too. Both restaurants have a very quick filling reservations list and getting a table on a weekend can be tough. So make your reservation ahead of time to secure a spot. Also, let me just reemphasize 24 hour room service, which includes ordering drinks from the bar up to your room! 

Final Thoughts 

5 stars all around for both Goldener Hirsch and my "Festival Wing" room. There's not a single flaw or dislike I can squeeze into this review. If you're looking for a truly Austrian experience you absolutely need to stay here. I promise your stay, even if it's just one night, will exceed any expectations you have, even if they're already pretty high. Goldener Hirsch is a place that you need to see for yourself to completely understand what I'm talking about. 

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