Matching My Gucci


Wearing: Gucci Shoes, Gucci Purse, Marc Jacobs Purse Strap, Lululemon Leggings, Vintage Havana Sweatshirt, Free People Bralette, Free People Sunglasses, and Wasted Paris Hat

Location: Studio City, California, USA

Photo Creds: Julia Roga of Jules Diaries

When in Paris, splurge on the new Gucci Ace Pearl Stud Lace Up Low Top Sneakers. Especially if they have pearls and studs on them. We all know (and if you don't know I don't know where the hell you've been) that white sneakers are allllll the rage right now. Don't believe me? Just go outside and spot the 100 teenagers sporting their Adidas Stan Smiths or Adidas Superstars. And yes don't even ask. I'm guilty of having a pair of not one but both of those. No shame. It's all good. 

Anyways back to these pair of white sneakers. Debatably the best pair of white sneakers I now own (I'm a little partial to my $50 or maybe $60 Puma Romas that carried me through my European post grad summer escapades), they're Gucci, they're white, they have really cool details on them, and I got them at the famed Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. They're a quadruple threat by Hollywood standards. Call back? Definitely done and the part 100% secured. Obviously, because I brought them back with me to LA from Paris! And I have to add, they're so so so comfortable. The only thing that bugs me a little about them is that Gucci has really weird shoe sizes. I'm like a size smaller and in between sizes in them (35.5 I think instead of 36.5) and they're still a big on me (I think 35 is too small). Nothing a pair of thicker socks can't solve. 

When I first got them it didn't even cross my mind that the perfectly match my Gucci Padlock Top Handle Signature Leather Bag. Red, white, and blue. For America! or for France...although, they're made in Italy. Either way it's a match made in heaven! Okay, it's a match made in department stores. But that's basically the same, right? 

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