Eis Greissler: The Best Ice Cream in Vienna

Left Cone: Pistachio & Hazelnut Right Cone: Cookies & Topfencreme

Left Cone: Pistachio & Hazelnut
Right Cone: Cookies & Topfencreme

In Vienna and craving ice cream? Walk away and fast from all the touristy stands that say "BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD" or something ridiculous like that. It's a lie. They're lying. And do you really want to be eating ice cream from liars? No. 

Eis Greissler. That's where you want to satisfy your ice cream cravings. The shop is a little bit of a hole in the wall a street over from the main shopping street, Kärntnerstrasse. You can't miss it because there will be a line of people spilling out the door onto the sidewalk. The line goes by fast and is totally worth waiting for, so wait for it.

What makes Eis Greissler ice cream so great? Well they're ice cream is all made with real fruit and organic milk. No artificial flavors here! They have a variety of flavors including unique flavors inspired by traditional Austrian staples like pumpkin seed oil, goat cheese, asparagus, and apple-celery, as well as vegan options like strawberry, oat almond, and currant. It's the perfect mid day treat if you've been walking around the city all day marveling at the abundance of museums and beautiful architecture. Plus you don't have to feel too guilty about it. A scoop or 2 of some organic/vegan ice cream won't kill you. You'll probably walk it off anyways. 


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