Girls' Weekend Getaway to Catalina Island

Marly, one of my best friends, turned 23 this past weekend and treated us all to a nice little getaway in Avalon, Catalina Island! 

It was so nice to just take a weekend to sit back, relax, and parasail. Haha yes we went parasailing because it was a buy one get one free birthday day deal! How could we say no? Obviously we didn't 

So here's what went down. It was a rager. 

Day 1

Due to separate mess ups, Bridget and I had to take the ferry an hour earlier than everyone else at 7:15am (which means we got up at like 4am). Once everyone else got there we jumped into a taxi and headed for Hamilton Cove, where our home would be for the next 2 nights. Marly found an awesome place through...not Airbnb but Homeaway! It fit all 7 of us perfectly, had an amazing terrace, and came with a golf cart. 

After some stretching, mountain climbers, and push ups (yes I'm serious), we finally got off our butts and went to the local Vons to scavenge for some provisions for the weekend. The town is super super super small. Literally it's just a couple streets. So we got used to getting around town pretty quickly. And yes I mentioned golf cart earlier. That's the main mode of transportation. Golf carts! How cool is that? I felt like I was in a little Disney town the entire time. Super cute. 

So after feeding ourselves it was time to hit the Descansco Beach Club bar! Totally joking. We didn't hit the bar we hit our cabana. Thank you again to the birthday girl for getting us this awesome set up. The cabana came with refreshing watermelons, popsicles, smoothies, and of course 2 day beds, which Camille and I took full advantage of. Tan lines! and maybe some sunburns. Oh and before I forget, Hayley decided to purchase a HUGE like HUGE seashell floatie. We named her Shellie and now she lives with Marly. But real struggle was taking Shellie from the beach club back to our Homeaway spot. There's photos of us holding her on top of the roof of the golf cart. We definitely attracted a lot of attention. 

Topped the night off with some Mexican food from Maggie's Blue Rose and a game of skeeball, which, ahem, I won. 

Day 2

Camille and I woke up early and went on a really nice morning run. It's crazy how much more motivating the ocean view is than the treadmill view. Then the working out continued with a hike on the Garden to Sky Trail. The trail is a quick one with a pretty steep incline that starts at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden and ends at the ridge on top of the mountain with a view of both sides of the island. You do have to pay admission to the garden. It's $7 general and $3 student. If you forgot water or snacks you can also purchase those at the ticket window. I snagged a water. 

The view at the summit was incredible. You can see Avalon Harbor and a bit of Emerald Bay's turquoise waters. 

And then we ate. A lot of chips. Good thing I went on a morning run to equal out those calories. 

Day 3

AKA Marly's birthday! So here comes the parasailing. We went with California Parasail and they were awesome. Shoutout to Nate and Ryan for being great and dealing with my cameras. We did the 800 ft, which is one of the higher ones. I'm not quite sure what the other height options are but I'm sure they're listed online if you're curious. 

Then I lost my Hard Rock Cafe Paris hat. Doing what? Trying to lean out the side of the golf cart to take a photo of Bridget driving, of course. If you are equipped with some sort of ground transportation on the island definitely drive past the ferry dock and the gas station and Pebbly Beach and take the sharp right up the mountain for a breathtaking view of the harbor. I'm just saying it was worth losing my hat. 

And then here comes the boring part. Clean up our Homeaway rental, deflate Shellie, pack up, and head home. 

The ferry made me and Marly a little nauseous so if you get sea sick too carry some dramamine or ginger with you. 

Oh wait! We also did a quick photoshoot where Marly looks like a fairy princess. Check out the pics below. 

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