When life gives you tickets, go to Coachella 

Our initial plan was simple. Drive to the desert. Sell some Coachella tickets. Find some cool art. Take cool photos. Simple. 

Well this is what happened instead. 


10:30 pm: Late night drive to the desert
1:00 am: Arrive at Coachella Will Call, stand in line, collect tickets to sell


1:30 am: Decide to go back to the house rather than party because no makeup, hair not done, sweats and lululemon leggings on. 
2:00 am: End up going to the Marshmello party. Sweats and leggings and all. (People were probably wondering how the hell we got in looking like we're ready for bed)  

2:30 am: Drooled over the plethora of DK Donuts (that I can't eat because I'm on a vegan diet right now), drank too much orange juice (if you didn't already know, I'm allergic to alcohol so juice it is), snagged a "I came to the desert and all I got was this Marshmello shirt" shirt, people watched, etc.


3:00 am: Back to the Legends PGA West house to ktfo
3:30 am: Stayed up eating extremely addicting blue chips and guacamole


4:00 am: RECEIVE GOLDEN TICKET: Here it comes...the offer...2 GA COACHELLA TICKETS in exchange for some simple errands. Uh, yes, yes, and yes...but still in doubt that this will actually work out. Supposed to get 8 GAs. 1% THERE
5:00 am: Finally some sleep. On the very large, very cushiony L-shaped couch (perks of being short) 


8:00 am: Violently woken up by someone very aggressively knocking on the door to deliver bikes
8:30 am: Trying to figure out if the guy is sketchy or not because no one ordered bikes...but hey we'll take them
9:00 am: Start getting getting ready for Desert X orrrrr Coachella...still in doubt at this point. 10% THERE
11:00 am: Change about 15 times before deciding on an outfit, take some quick pics in the backyard for the insta


12:00 pm: Head out to La Quinta to drop off tickets for a friend
1:00 pm: Guy who is flying into Coachella in a helicopter that has my tickets (hopefully) is landing late. But no problem! Leaves us just enough time to see 1 Desert X exhibit. 8 GAs are now 4 GAs. 25% THERE
2:00 pm: Curves and Zigzags
3:00 pm: Go to the BMW dealership to get my oil filled because I'm too scared to do it by myself...haha
4:00 pm: Arrive at Omni Hotel to meet helicopter guy. Waiting. 4 GAs are now 3 GAs. 40% THERE
4:30 pm: Helicopter guy arrives with our TICKETS!!! 3 GAs. 80% THERE
5:30 pm: Arrive at Coachella!! Let's pray these wristbands scan. 90% THERE
6:30 pm: SCANNED. 100% THERE

7:00 pm: COACHELLA

I have to admit I'm not the best when it comes to spontaneous things. I always have to have an itinerary. I like knowing what's going to happen. But, sometimes you just have to go with it and take each road block one at a time as they come. That's how you end up dancing the night away with Dillon Francis and Galantis. 


Festival Style

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