A Quick Trip to the Grand Canyon

We were supposed to go to Yosemite that weekend. Had a camping spot booked and everything. Woke up at 6:30am some time in November to book the spot. But with the recent storms in California we decided it was not quite the right time to take on a camping trip where we would be freezing our butts off. I've never been camping before. So that just really didn't sound like an enjoyable first experience for any of us. 

We canceled the Yosemite reservation and decided to go to the Grand Canyon instead. And this is why we ended staying at a hotel in the park. We stayed at the Maswik South Lodge. A perfectly spaced room for the 3 of us. 

The Grand Canyon, if you're not hiking or rafting or doing some crazy stuff, is a pretty easy park to visit. They've set up roads, shuttles, and lookout points that are all easily accessible. You can either drive around yourself or take the shuttle. Although the shuttle doesn't stop at all the points. Be aware that it may take you some time to get from spot to spot. Like The Watchtower is almost 30 min away from Maswik Lodge. We only spent 1 night there, unfortunately. It was definitely not enough time to see it all. 

We did, however, see the sunrise. It's been said, all over the internet, that the sunrise at the Grand Canyon is one of the best. I now fully support this claim. We watched it from Mather Point, which is one of the most popular. But since we were there on a random weekend in April it wasn't too bad. I personally liked watching it with a bunch of other people. When the sun hit the horizon everyone clapped as if someone just saved the world from a flaming meteor. Pretty cool.  

I can't believe this was all of our first times at the Grand Canyon. We've all lived in Los Angeles basically our whole lives (I lived in Bangkok until I was 7). The drive is really not that bad. If you're coming from LA, Kingman is a really good stop to rest at. A night at the Best Western Wayfarer's Inn and Suites was affordable and comfortable. Our room was clean and well kept and the front desk staff members were great! We left LA Friday night and stopped in Kingman and then kept driving Saturday. Actually, you can drive the whole drive from LA to the Grand Canyon in a day. So Sunday that's what we did. But it was a long drive, since we also hit traffic on the way home. Probably took us about 9 hours. 

Oh and if you're looking for a cute place to eat on the way, Mr. D'z Diner on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona is adorable! It's all retro pink and blue. You can see more of it in the vlog and in this style post 

So here's the part where I usually say. OMG AMAZING. Cause the Grand Canyon was absolutely grand. I'll let the photos speak for themselves

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