Decade Dazed

Wearing: Vintage Star Wars Tee, Lululemon Leggings, Uniqlo Heat Tech Socks, Timberland Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch, and Zero UV Sunglasses

Location: Mr. D'z Diner, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona, USA

Okay. So I wrote this whole blog post and then I accidentally deleted it. So not happy right now. But here goes. Round 2. 

50's, 60's, 80's, early 90's? 

Which decade am I in? You can decide that for yourself.

I decided that I took a time machine, traveled from 2017 to the 80's, got dressed, then went to the 50's to eat. Sounds reasonable? I thought so. 

I've been super into thrift and vintage buys lately. I'm actually starting my own vintage shop, Gal Bean Vintage. Fingers crossed that I will hopefully get off my butt soon and take product shots so I can get that going. This awesome Star Wars tee may or may not be listed for sale once that's launched. So keep your eyes peeled. Vintage Star Wars in Chinese? Seriously how can anyone resist that?

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