Wearing: Topshop Hat, Zero UV Sunglasses, American Apparel Bodysuit, Brandy Melville Shorts, and Pull & Bear Platform Sandals

Location: Desert X, Somewhere in the desert, California, USA

Summer is upon us. This is a fact since it was way too hot today to leave my home in my usual leggings, sweatshirt, sneakers look. Time to trade the I just rolled out of bed but am still super cool but also comfy outfit for the these shorts are almost too short but it's totally acceptable because I live in Los Angeles look. 

Oh, I do live in Los Angeles. But not for long! 3 months til I move to London woo! 

And now back to this summer ready, festival accepted outfit. 

Now white shorts and a halter bodysuit is quite basic. So to add something a little more went for a little bit of a western vibe. This Topshop hat is one of my favorites! It makes any outfit way cool and obviously protects your face from the sun. Also, I'm always looking to add a little height because I'm only 5'2" and that means everyone, literally everyone, at a festival always steps on me or spills their beer on me. Platform sandals are perfect for this. I can be taller and comfortable at the same time. I've probably mastered the skill of walking in platform shoes all day since I wear them all the time. So before you decide deck out your festival look with some platforms consider whether you're willing to walk in them all day or not. You could end up wandering around like a drunk girl exiting the club on a Saturday night, barefoot and shoes in hand. And no one wants to be THAT girl. I certainly don't!  

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