Walking Into Mirrors

Wearing: American Apparel Pants, American Apparel Bodysuit, Urban Outfitters Heels, and Fendi Sunglasses

Location: Doug Aitken Mirror House, Desert X, Palm Springs, California, USA

It's sad that American Apparel has basically died. They had some great pieces like these sheer pants and bodysuit. Although, I do agree with the general public that it was a very controversial company with overpriced items. 

Either way, the low back halter bodysuit and the sheer pants work perfectly together for an elegant and summery look. I avoided wearing these pants for the longest time because I thought they were too long to wear without heels. But actually they hit perfectly on the floor. So maybe they shrunk or I grew. Most likely the former and not the latter. 

Finding something to wear with sheer pants is always a struggle. I tend to gravitate towards a bodysuit or a bathing suit because I don't really like how full length pants look underneath them. But you can always try something like shorts and fishnets with the sheer pants over. That's definitely going to a be a cool outfit. 

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