Headbands, Ripped Jeans, White Timbs

Wearing: Nordstrom Sweater, Free People Jeans, Free People Headband, Timberland Boots, Gucci Bag, Marc Jacobs Bag Strap, and DivinityLA Bracelet

Location: Melrose, West Hollywood, California, USA

White sneakers. They're cute. They're trendy. I can't get enough of them. Seriously I have about 5 pairs of white sneakers. But Timberland released quite a gamechanger. 

White Boots. 

And I know white boots are also not that new or exciting. Doc Martens released their all white editions a while back and recently brought them back because, duh, trendy. 

Here's why these specific Timbs are AMAZING. 

First, white sneakers scream comfy athleisure. White boots scream cool street. Maybe more of a above whisper slides right off the tongue with a wink. JK about the wink. 

Next, here's the really exciting part. Or at least I was really excited. These Timbs are SO LIGHT. I verbally said "OMG they're just like Free Runs" when I popped them about of the box. Timberland released the Kennistons with SensorFlex a couple weeks ago and have been blasting these white ones all over social media. So naturally, I fall into peer pressure and drop $140 on a pair. No regrets. 

If you don't already know Timberlands are usually pretty heavy because, well, they're a heavy duty shoe. Makes sense. The Kennistons are sleeker and much much lighter, which makes them perfect for street wear or for travel! So fall into the peer pressure and get yourself a pair. True to size! Maybe a bit of a tight fit for people with wide feet though. It's a much narrower design then the classics. 

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