Vegan Friendly Coffee Shops in Graz

Veganism is not merely a trend. I've personally found that sticking to a vegan diet helps to improve my skin (acne issues, ugh) and overall energy levels! So when I'm on the road I'm always searching for vegan friendly coffee shops, as I spend a lot of my time drinking coffee.

Graz, Austria is one of the many European cities where stores, cafes, and restaurants have started to not only offer but label vegan foods and drinks for their customers. These are so far my favorite coffee shops in Graz! They offer a ton of vegan and dairy alternative options and their selections of coffee, tea, and pastries are mouthwatering! 


Tribeka, the holy grail of coffee. Well, at least when you're in Graz it is. This hipster hang out serves up the best coffee you can probably find in the cute city. Sure, your wallet is going to hurt a little but your tastebuds will be hollering. Their baristas are well trained and their coffee is well brewed. The espresso slides so smoothly down. Dairy milk alternatives? Yes, of course! Oat milk, soy milk, and I believe they may also have rice and coconut. Oh, don't forget a pastry! They've got homemade carrot cake and vegan banana muffins, which are my usual picks. 


Cafe Erde, or for my English speaking peeps, Cafe Earth is as it sounds...Earthy! They pride themselves on serving up some serious vegan friendly and vegetarian friendly cafe food. Their menu consists of dishes like vegan schnitzels and vegan burgers. Aside from food, since this is a coffee shop post, you can definitely grab a cup of coffee or tea here. Their tea lattes are made with REAL brewed tea! They have a daily offering of different pastries and desserts as well. Lastly, if you're looking for a cosy place to sit, their upstairs room is soooooo cute! They even have cushions so you can sit criss cross apple sauce on the floor and be extra casual. 


Buna is run by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. The owners/baristas here are passionate about their coffee. They'll take the time to talk you through the different ways beans can be brewed and what makes one coffee machine different from the other. You can purchase your soy latte here, a homemade vegan banana bread, and a HUGE coffee machine that also has a HUGE price tag (like over 1000 bucks!). I love the interior here. They have a small space but they've made great use of it! Dazzling coffee machine displays downstairs and an modern industrial workspace feel upstairs. If the weather's nice, you can take a seat outside!   


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