Sipping Lemonade in Turtleneck and a Mini

Wearing: Free People Top, Free People Skirt, Celine Sunglasses, and Chloe Boots

Location: Lemonade

The weather in LA has been, needless to say, quite confusing. It's hot, then cold, then hot, then muggy. I don't know what's happening. Or yes I do know. It's a little something called global warming and climate change. And yes this is not a myth, it's real. 

Moving on from that. Last year LA's winter was COLD. This year LA's winter is HOT. Like 80 degrees hot! It's basically summer over here. Being in London for the past couple months, I'm definitely not taking it for granted. 

So here's an outfit that showcases, first, the confusing weather, and second, my love for Free People

I think it's safe to say that more than 50% of my closet is Free People. They're style is so me! Comfortable yet cute! My look today was about 66.6% Free People, as I got my top and my skirt from them. I was a little hesitant to wear a turtle with a mini skirt because really that makes no sense. But I loved how this look turned out. I walked around all day feeling extra girly haha. Pairing pieces that may not seem harmonious is one of my favorite things to do. This look mixes both purpose and textures. The delicate top lays so nicely above the more harsh studded denim mini. 

And I just wanted to say, get my favorite lemonade from Lemonade is the Watermelon Rosemary. 


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