A Fried Egg in London That's Big Enough to Feed 6!

Florentine Restaurant & Bar in Waterloo serves up some massive portions. Here you can get plates such as an Ostrich egg paired with a full English breakfast or the dinosaur sized Tomahawk steak. 


The Ostrich Egg with Full English Breakfast cost a whopping 75 Pounds and is said to feed 4. But, it was definitely more than enough food for 6! We were able to choose between having our Ostrich egg fried or scrambled. Our waiter told us scrambled was more popular but we decided that fried would be a cooler experience and definitely a more "instagrammable" dish. Usually you have to call in the order ahead of time to check if they have eggs available and to shorten your wait time but we said whatever let's just wing it! And it was successful! We did still have to wait the 30-40 minutes for the egg to be cooked. 

Now I've never had an ostrich egg before so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it was pretty good. Not too different from a chicken fried egg. Although, the egg white had a somewhat curious consistency and texture. It was very light and bouncy. That's the best I can describe it. 

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