Keep Warm This Winter With a Parka

Wearing: Alice & Olivia Parka, Brandy Melville Top, Zara Scarf, J Brand Jeans, and Zara Boots

Location: Brick Lane, London

Wow, it's been quite awhile since I've posted a style post. We jumped right from summer looks to full on winter. Okay maybe not FULL ON winter. Because if that were the case I would be probably decked out in Patagonia and Canada Goose. Just kidding I'm not getting a Canada Goose, that would be CRAZY. 

Side note: I really want some more Patagonia stuff and I can't find a store in London that stocks the brand. So if you know of some secret store that I'm unaware of, drop a comment! You'll be saving my life. 

Okay onward. Today's post is all about parkas! Parkas are by far the most fashionably functional winter piece you could have in your closet. Now let's be honest with ourselves. Most "winter" wear that's cute, sparkly, velvety, and so on and so forth, is reallyyyy not that warm. Don't argue with me! You know it's true. That embroidered velvet coat you have from Anthropologie? Hell no you can't wear that in negative degrees! So being super warm and super stylish is not always super easy. UNLESS you have a super cute parka! 

Parkas match with almost about everything, depending on what color your parka is. Go with black. That's always the best choice. Versatility, my friends. Wear your parka with denim and sneakers, dress and platform heels, smart trousers and loafers, or even leggings and trainers. No matter what you're wearing underneath a black fur hooded parka will up your cool factor by 10 and up your warmth factor by 100. 

The one I have is from Alice & Olivia and it came with an insulated vest that you can't see in the photos. But, that extra layer really helps to add some extra heat. The fur is detachable and so is the entire hood, which gives me an easy way to create multiple looks with just 1 jacket. And unlike a fur or wool coat I don't have to be so careful with it. It's waterproof so rain, dirt, etc. comes right off. It's my perfect London accessory. I can also take it off in a few swift moves. This is pertinent in London. The underground, shops, restaurants, and bars all pump up their heat. So by the time your inside you'll be dying to rip off all of your layers. 


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