The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong

So first what exactly is dim sum? Dim sum is basically the Chinese version of Spanish tapas. They're plates of small bites of food that come in serving sizes of about 3-4 pieces each. The plates range from shrimp dumplings and pork buns to chicken feet and intestine soup. It's also generally eaten as brunch food but some restaurants will serve it all day. Now where can you dim sum in Hong Kong? 

Well, the best dim sum in Hong Kong hides in plain sight.
It has a Michelin Star, is super inexpensive, and located in a subway station?! 


Tim Ho Wan

Hong Kong's best dim sum

Tim Ho Wan is one of the most well known, or maybe even lesser known for some because of it's discrete location, to grab a quick bite of dim sum in Hong Kong. In a corridor of the subway underneath the IFC mall in Central sits one of Tim Ho Wan's locations. And there's usually a line. So when you see a bunch of people waiting, you're in the right place! You can eat in or takeaway. We did both and eating in is definitely the better option. This is purely because you can take full advantage of the sauces available for you at the table. But if you're eating in be prepared to eat fast as they need to turn around tables like no other. Second orders are discouraged and third orders are probably denied.  

Assortment of dumplings and chicken feet from Tim Ho Wan

Assortment of dumplings and chicken feet from Tim Ho Wan


Tim Ho Wan's flavors are undeniably delectable. The savoriness of each bite will float you straight into dim sum heaven. Don't forget to be a bit courageous and order the chicken feet! It's actually one of my favorite dishes along with the shrimp dumpings called har gow. To enhance the flavors even more mix the chili oil with a bit of soy sauce and lightly dip each piece into the mixture. It's sooo good. 

And if all this wasn't enough to convince you that this little restaurant is more than meets the eye the prices will definitely win you over. 6 different items cost us 167 HKD, which is equal to about just 22 USD. That's a steal! Between 3 people, each of us paid only a little over $7 for a Michelin Star meal! 

Find Your Way There

The restaurant is in a small corridor in the subway station underneath the IFC mall. You'll want to go down the escalator of the main entrance of the mall that faces the harbour. There's a big floor to ceiling glass window. Then once your underground head to your left. It will seem pretty dead and empty. There's a couple other shops and also if you can spot it a sign on the wall that say Tim Ho Wan. Make another left and keep walking until you see the line. 

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