My First Spa Experience at Sacher Spa!

This post is LONGGGG overdue and I apologize for that. Since I've been posting a lot of "Best Things To Do" type of posts I thought it was about time for a little bit more of a personal narrative. Okay, maybe not sooo personal but more so then "Go do this in Hong Kong". Let's get into the post! 


A Chocolate Scrub Down & Massage

For my 23rd birthday the always amazing Hotel Sacher treated me to a Sacher Spa "Time to Chocolate" treatment. What made it even more special was that this was my first ever real spa experience! I somewhat don't count my massage at the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest as a spa experience. So obviously I was PUMPED. 

The treatment that I got was the Time to Chocolate - A Taste of Chocolate aka an hour of pure chocolatey bliss. First, I got undressed ( jk). They provided me with a super comfy robe, slippers, and disposable undies woo! Then I was scrubbed down with a chocolate scrub. It was exactly what my skin needed. I could feel all the dead and dull skin being scrubbed away. After, I took a quick rinse. I wasn't allowed to use any soap so that moisturizing components of the scrub, like cocoa, could really soak into my skin. Last was the massage, a much much needed massage. I've never had a "real" massage before and Sacher Spa has got me convinced that I need one every week. 


If you're in the mood for some pampering and some splurging, book a treatment at Sacher Spa! I promise you won't regret. Although, your wallet might considering the treatments start at 150 Euros. Totally worth it though. 

And just because my treatment ended, that didn't mean that my pampering ended. At Sacher Spa I was able to hang out in the spa's lounge for as long as I wanted in my plush little robe. There was complimentary tea, coffee, water, fruit, nuts, and more! 

Did I feel like a princess? Absolutely, yes. And at Hotel Sacher I never feel like any less. 

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