Yes, A Tourist Free Beach in Vietnam Exists


Bai Xep

An untouched piece of Vietnam


Bai Xep, Vietnam 

Have never heard of Bai Xep? Don't worry not many people have. Actually everyone we met along our way down the east coast of Vietnam had no clue what we were talking about when we mentioned it. That's when I knew we had struck gold. 

Tucked away on the coast near Quy Nhon lies Bai Xep, a small, authentic, and extremely gorgeous fishermen's village. It is almost completely untouched by tourism, with villagers still living out their every day lives, fishing and selling homemade food on the front steps of their homes. The locals here are so friendly! They always wanted to wave and say hello, intrigued by our presence. 

Because it's a quite unknown area in Vietnam the beach here was paradise. The sand was finely grained and so clean. The water, clear as crystal and warm to the touch. It was an amazing place to be after living the past couple of days inundated with the excessive honking that occurs on the streets here. The noise level was close to known. All we could hear was the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore and, well, karaoke night haha. 


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Want to stay the night? There are basically only 2 main hostels in the area: Life's A Beach and Life's A Beach Backpackers. Both are owned and operated by 2 British guys, Gavin and Steve. We stayed at the first hostel, Life's A Beach and loved our stay there. It felt so calming to just clear our heads and be out by the beach all day. 

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