The Best Hotel In Vienna

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

Hotel Sacher Wien

Hotel Sacher Wien is one of the most beautiful and elegant places I have ever step foot in. The famed boutique hotel leaves. The hotel was founded in 1876 and has been family run ever since!

Here's what I thought about my stay at Hotel Sacher. But if you don't feel like reading through everything I'll give you a condensed version: this place is AMAZING and I fell completely in love with it. The staff, the service, the food, the rooms, the views. Everything about Hotel Sacher reaches a level of perfection I have rarely met at any other hotel. Although, a night at Hotel Sacher will run you at least around 500 euros, you really can't put a price on the experience you'll have here. I know that price tag is steep for a majority of people so here's the cheaper option. If you are ever in Vienna you should definitely at least take some time to grab a Sacher Torte at the Café Sacher. You won't regret it, I promise. 


After a short 2 hour plane ride from Paris to Vienna, I was greeted by a smiling face and a sign bearing my name. I quickly trotted over to the driver and announced that the name on the sign was indeed me. I was a bit thrown off when he greeted me with "Bonjour!", to which I also responded "Bonjour!". My accent was probably way off. I figured French because I just landed from Paris. Okay, that's really cool. Then he continued to speak to me in French. I tried to play it cool but he definitely saw me struggling to understand and finally asked me "Parlez-vous français?". Relieved, I laughed at myself, nervously shook my head, and responded quietly "English". And he laughed too. 

Checking In

Concierge Desk

Concierge Desk

We arrived curbside at the hotel's front entrance and I happily waved goodbye to my driver, glad to have met someone that spoke an impressive 5 languages. The doorman then welcomed me into Hotel Sacher as I waltzed past the line of bundled human marshmallows waiting to be seated in the Café Sacher. Having already had my own taste of the Sacher Torte during my last trip to Vienna, I instantly knew what they were waiting for. It's worth the wait, I thought to myself. "Checking in?", a voice pulled me out my head. "Yes", I answered promptly.

Passports, credit cards, signatures. The usual but a lot more pleasant than usual. What happened next was not so usual. 

I was escorted into the gold elevators, down the pastel wallpapered hallways, and to the front door of my room that read "603". My home, a top deluxe room at the Hotel Sacher, for the next 4 days. And boy was I happy to be home. 

My Room

A hallway. My room had a hallway! A coat rack. Two closets. An entirely marble bathroom.  A rainfall shower head. A bath tub accompanied by a bath pillow. Plush robes and slippers. Chocolate bath and shower amenities. A bidet. A TV in the bathroom. A TV in the bedroom. A HUGE bed. A surround sound system. A couch. 2 windows/mini balconies with a gorgeous view of Kärntner Straße. A tray of chocolate treats. A tray of fresh fruit. 2 bottles of water. A welcome letter from the general manager. 2 Sacher cubes. 24 hour room service. Perfection. 


I have to mention breakfast. The breakfast buffet was above and beyond any morning culinary experience that I have ever had. It made me wish I had a bottomless abyss for a stomach. There was so much my tastebuds could touch. At the hot breakfast bar I could have eggs however I liked. Scrambled eggs, an egg omelette, eggs benedict, and the list goes on. I could complement my custom eggs with hot sausages, waffles, bacon. Get the picture? My mouth is watering writing about it right now. But that's not all! Then there's the entire cold breakfast section. I loaded my plate with homemade granola, fresh yogurt with homemade strawberry compote, pear juice, orange juice, apple juice, smoke salmon, fresh trout, and a buttery croissant paired with homemade raspberry jam. But, wait, that's not all! This was my favorite part of breakfast. Cake and champagne? Yes. Hotel Sacher's breakfast includes a selection of housemade cakes including the famed Sacher Torte and champagne. Yes, I had a slice of Sacher Torte for breakfast every day. 


Morning Coffee Before Departure

Morning Coffee Before Departure

I also have to mention the service. The staff at Hotel Sacher was seriously the best! It was all smiles and an extension of genuine want to help each and every guest. I have to personally thank Tanja Schög and Kerstin Kuchner for handling my reservations via email, the front desk staff that checked me in and out so graciously, the drivers that brought me safely from and to the airport, the kitchen staff that cooked up such delicious breakfast and room service food, the man that brought me an adapter when I realized I left both of mine in Paris, the concierge that we left our room key with each time we left the hotel, the housekeeping staff that constantly replenished our chocolate and fruit trays and kept our room pristine, the morning staff on the last day that went out of their way to bring me a kettle of coffee with milk and sugar, and of course Sandra Artacker for giving me a tour of the hotel, teaching me all about the history this place has to offer, and sending me back off to Los Angeles with a Sacher Torte in hand. 


I can honestly say that out of all the hotels I have been to and stayed at Hotel Sacher now sits as number 1 on my list. I felt at home here. I even got homesick for Hotel Sacher when I was home in Los Angeles. I can't wait to return but until then it's see you soon Hotel Sacher. 


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