Groupon Grabs: Skydiving

Groupon Grabs: Skydiving

Welcome to "Groupon Grabs"! I'll be showing you all the different types of cool and fun activities that you can find on Groupon. If you don't know what Groupon is, it's a website that basically offers various products, services, and activities at discounted prices. 

The Deal

I can't remember a day in my life where I didn't want to go skydiving. Falling out of the sky has always sounded like a good idea to me haha. I really wanted to go the day I turned 18 but I just never got to actually doing it. This Groupon was definitely a bit of an impulse buy; however, I have absolutely no regrets. I've linked the deal below! 

One Tandem Skydiving Jump from GoJump Oceanside - Up to 51% Off. Two Options Available.

$49 for $100 toward one tandem skydiving jump
$149 for one tandem skydiving jump ($199 value)

The Dive

Well it's more of a lean out of the plane than it is a dive out of the plane. Either way, falling from 13,000 ft. in the air was one of the coolest things I have ever done! These types of activities are actually in my comfort zone so I wasn't feeling anxious or scared. I couldn't wait to get out of the plane and in the air. Also, there wasn't really a time where I felt that stomach dropping kind of feeling. It was more of a sticking your hand out of a car window kind of feeling. At one point I had a bit of trouble breathing but before we jumped I was told that some people experience this feeling and that it was all mental. So I told myself to take deep breaths and I was fine! The absolute best part of the whole experience was being able to look at the world around me with a completely different perspective. 

I'm so addicted now. If I could I would do this everyday. I am seriously debating getting certified...I just need to figure out how to save up for this haha. 

I would highly highly highly recommend skydiving to everyone! Even if you're afraid of heights, I say just go for it! I promise you will be fine. Everything about it, the view, the wind in your hair, the freeing feeling of falling, literally everything about it is worth your time and money. 

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