A Day in LA | Rain Room, Wurstküche, Salt & Straw, and Venice Canals

Live the Los Angeles life with me 

If you know me, you know I love my city. I genuinely believe that LA is one of the best places in the world. I say one only because I haven't seen or experienced our entire world. So who knows, maybe one day I'll arrive at a place I love even more. But, for now LA is the home I hold closest to my heart. Come with me on my adventures in my amazing LA! 

Today we're headed to LACMA and Venice! And by we, I mean me, Kyle, and Kyle's roommate, Tim! 

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Rain Room at LACMA

Rain Room

The first stop for day is the Rain Room at LACMA. Believe it or not, tickets are actually not as hard to come by anymore. Maybe everyone already got their chance to experience the room the first time around. If you're dying to go just look for tickets for weekdays and you should be able to find something. If you can't find anything on the website you can call or just show up and ask about cancellations. People cancel their tickets all the time! You might just get lucky! Oh! When you do go, just make sure to wear light colored clothing. The sensors will pick you up a lot easier, which in turn makes the experience a lot better! 

Okay, enough about how to get tickets. Now onto what you're waiting for: what the experience was like. So we got to LACMA, grabbed our tickets from will call, waited in line, and then finally stepped into the Rain Room. We were greeted with the roaring of falling water and the blinding light shining in from the other side of the room. We got exactly 15 minutes to take in the experience. I slowly walked into the pouring rain and got wet...well just a little haha! The sensors are not super sensitive so it took a little while for them to recognize that I was there. Then when the water shut off, leftover droplets still fell on me. I usually hate rain but in this instance I didn't mind. I felt in control and at peace at the same time. The ability to control the rain was empowering and the sound of the water was soothing. It was great to be able to full embrace the exhibit and let myself get swallowed up by it. However, being such a visual person, I obviously was concerned with capturing that perfect Rain Room shot. The elements of the exhibit were a perfect challenge. My shots looked different from every angle. Moving just an inch or maybe just a centimeter made huge differences. I know you're just dying to see my shots and more of the exhibit so you can check out all the photos that I took in the Rain Room at the bottom of this post! 



Alright, all that rain got us hungry so we made our way to Wurstküche in Venice. They are, as they state on their website, a "purveyor of exotic sausages" AKA they serve really cool and weird sausages. Their menu consists of pheasant sausages, duck sausages, and even rattlesnake and rabbit sausages. That's not all! Their even veggie friendly! They have 3 different types of vegeterian sausages you can choose from! Lastly, their fries and the dips they come with are to die for! I personally recommend getting the rattlesnake and rabbit sausage with caramelized onions, fries, chipotle aioli dip, and a curiosity cola. Aside from all of this, the coolest thing about this restaurant? They give you crayons so you can draw on the butcher paper that doubles as table cloths! 

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw

IT'S DESSERT TIME! I have a dessert stomach. This is a verified fact. No matter what I eat, I always ALWAYS have room for dessert, especially if it's ice cream, and especially if it's Salt & Straw. I have to give Portland some credit for inventing such an amazing ice cream shop and for bringing down to LA. Here, you'll find top of the line handmade ice cream that you literally can't stop eating. I've developed an addiction, I swear. I always go with the Roasted Strawberry & Toasted White Chocolate or Honey Lavender. A double scoop is way too big for me so I always as for a single scoop but 2 flavors. Yes, you can do that! 



So now that we've had rattlesnake sausages and lavender ice cream it's obviously time for some super hip and fancy coffee. Intelligentsia's coffee is as cool as it's stores interiors. The company exercises direct trade. This means that they buy their coffee beans directly from the growers and at a price that is at least 25% higher than that of fair trade. What does this mean for you though? Being able to put your confidence in a great company that serves higher quality coffee but also, having to buy that high quality coffee at a higher price. Instead of my usual dirty chai or soy latte, I went with a matcha latte this time. It was exceptional! Not too sweet and not too matcha-y. I almost always stay away from my small tendency to want a matcha or green tea latte because no matter where I get one from they're always either packed with sweetner or just way too strong. Intelligentsia got it just right! 

Love Wall on Abbot Kinney

The Walls 

Abbot Kinney is known for it's cool walls just as much as for it's boutique shopping and delicious eats. I always keep my eyes open for new wall art when I'm strolling down the boulevard. There's always something new every time that I go. This time around we found this awesome love wall. And finding an awesome wall means taking an awesome jumping photo. #noshame.

Venice Canals Walkway

Venice Canals

To end the day we made our way over to the Venice Canals Walkway. Yes, we flew to Italy! Totally kidding haha! There are Venice Canals in Los Angeles and they're quite the hidden gem! The walkway is actually a little neighborhood in Venice, Los Angeles that is laced with a couple of water channels. I always see it on other people's Instagrams and have been meaning to visit it for the longest time. So since we were already on Abbot Kinney we decided why not drive over and take a quick stroll around the canals. It's tucked a little bit away from the main street so it's pretty quiet.  It's a great place to take photos, go for a run, or just to sit and think. If you ever need to get away from the city in the city this is definitely the place to go. However, when we were there I had to keep reminding the guys not to yell because it is still a residential area. If you decide to make quick trip out there just be sure to remember to be respectful. You probably wouldn't want people yelling outside of your home or littering in your front yard! 

Rain Room Photos

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