Groupon Grabs: Bungee Jumping

Groupon Grabs: Bungee Jumping

Welcome to "Groupon Grabs"! I'll be showing you all the different types of cool and fun activities that you can find on Groupon. If you don't know what Groupon is, it's a website that basically offers various products, services, and activities at discounted prices. 

The Deal

Although I'm all about trying new and crazy things, I was, for some odd reason, never really into bungee jumping. It's not the heights or the jumping off of a bridge that turned me away from it. I just always thought the whiplash would be terrible haha! But, then I found a Groupon for Bungee America! It was "$80 for an all-day trip for one person with one bungee jump and a complimentary T-shirt ($99 value)". I also had extra discounts on top of this so I only had to pay $60! It was definitely a deal I just couldn't pass up. 

How It Works

First, Kyle and I each bought a Groupon for ourselves. Then we used signed up on the Bungee America website and entered the Groupon code to apply the discount. After successfully signing up, we received a confirmation email and an electronic waiver to fill out. A couple of days before our trip, we also got an email with instructions on what to bring, how to get to the trailhead, where to park, and what time to arrive. I highly recommend going as early as possible to avoid having to deal with a large group. 

The Hike

The bungee jump happens at the Bridge to Nowhere in Azusa. This means you'll have to drive to the trailhead on Camp Bonita Rd. (see map) and then hike 5 miles to the bridge, jump off of the bridge, then hike 5 miles back to your car. You have to hike in with the group but once you jump you can hike back to the trailhead by yourself. The hike is relatively easy. If jumping off of a bridge doesn't sound at all appealing to you, do it anyways! It's soooo worth it! Okay, okay, if it REALLY doesn't sound appealing I suggest just doing the hike! It's truly a gorgeous area. It's relatively easy to get to the bridge and back to the trailhead. All you have to do is follow the river all the way to the end. Since there's not much change in elevation, the hike might seem like it's never going to end or that you're going to be lost in this bit of nature forever. Don't doubt yourself and just follow the river! That being said, yes, you have to cross the river. We crossed it at least 6 or 7 times each way. So bring shoes and clothes that you're willing to get wet! 

The Jump

So after about a 2 hour 5 mile hike, we finally got to the bridge! We had a pretty large group so we did end up spending about 2-3 hours at the bridge waiting for our turn to jump. I thought the wait time was going to be terrible but the time flew by! I think it's because it was really entertaining watching everyone else do their jump haha. 

First, the Bungee America staff was amazing! They were friendly, personable, knowledgable, and most importantly very well trained. They sat us all down before we started jumping to explain how many safety precautions were built into the bungee system and how to safely jump. Not once did I feel unsafe during the trip! We lined up to jump based on our weight group, so that the bungee system was catered specifically to each person. As a beginner, I had to choose whether to jump backwards to to dive forwards. I decided to go with diving forward! I know you want to hear me say I was shaking standing on the platform, thinking I was going to die. But, I was really calm! I was really focused on not dropping my GoPro and keeping my feet pointed during my dive. I didn't really think about and just jumped right off of the platform. The initial drop is not necessarily the exhilarating part. What really got my adrenaline pumping was the bouncing after you hit the bottom the first time. I felt weightless and out of control but in a good way. It was definitely a freeing experience! And now I'm hooked! I can't wait for my next bungee adventure! 

PS. Don't forget to watch my video from this trip! 

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