Free Things To Do In LA: Farmer's Market and The California Science Center

Free Things To Do In LA

I'm always searching for cool free things to do in Los Angeles because I am on a college student budget. Also why would you pay to do something when you can do something else for free, right?! 

So to help both me and you save a bit of cash I'm starting a Free Things To Do In LA series! My first stops are the Santa Monica Grower's Market and the California Science Center. Also, there's more about these two places my YouTube channel

Santa Monica Grower's Market

Well, the Santa Monica Grower's Market is not necessarily free if you end up buying something but even if you don't buy anything it's a great place to meet new people and learn about some new and unique produce. The Wednesday market is the largest, so I suggest definitely going to that one instead of the Saturday and Sunday ones. Whichever day you decide to go make sure you get there early! I got there around 8am and it was already filled with shoppers. One of the vendors told us that by 11am pretty much everything is gone. Also, it's super easy to get to and parking is free! Free parking is really exciting in Los Angeles, if you didn't already notice. To get there just drive to the intersection of 2nd St. and Wilshire and park in the structure right next to the market. 

California Science Center

The California Science Center used to be one of my favorite field trip destinations in elementary school. I'm a big bio nerd so anything science related grabs my attention! If you're not really a big science person, the California Science Center can definitely still be a fun place to visit! The museum is actually super interactive. Almost every exhibit has something for you to press, touch, watch, etc. The only downside is that it is a popular field trip destination so there will most likely be a bunch of kids running around. The Science Center is located just next to USC in the Exposition Park. Unfortunately you'll have to pay for is parking because it is still Downtown LA. 

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