I Wanna Runaway

Wearing: Vintage Chanel Dress, Fendi Sunglasses, and American Apparel Jellies - Featuring Rimowa Suitcases 

Location: Middle of Nowhere, California, USA

I wanna runaway and travel the world.

I've recently been going through pretty much a quarter life crisis. I went into college very hesitantly as a pre med undergrad kid. I have always been good at school so college was always the goal. It seemed to be the right track. But, there was a voice in the back of my mind that was constantly screaming DON'T DO IT. I didn't listen. I went to college anyways. I graduated. And now I have a degree in Psychology. This is great and all, and don't get me wrong I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I have been given, but honestly, I don't care at all about my degree. I find myself thinking I should've listened to myself and not everyone around me. I went with the flow because that's what everyone else was doing. 

Finally, after 22 years of following my parent's wishes and my grandparent's wishes, fulfilling the expectations of my friends and my peers, I'm ready to start listening to myself and granting my own wishes. I've realized that there's not a correct path to living life. We are all unique and different. So why should I let someone else tell me how I'm supposed to live my life? It's MY life. I was so afraid of failure before but after failing more times than I can count while I was in college, I'm so ready to risk it all. I've learned failure is inevitable. Something is going to go wrong. These failures, these errors, these flaws, are not what define me and life path. They are pieces of the whole picture. So I choose to learn from them and to keep moving forward. 

So hey, let's go climb Mt. Everest together. 

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