Happily Ever After

Wearing: Betsy & Adam dress, Chanel purse, Steve Madden heels, BCBG earrings                          

Location: Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii and Secret Island, Oahu, Hawaii

I got the chance to go on a mini vacation to Oahu because my uncle was getting married! If you want to read about everything I did while I was there check out this GB Travel post! I also added a few of my favorite photos from the wedding in this post! 

Now onto what I wore to the wedding. Since I was in the wedding the bride requested that I wear a long gold dress. I thought it was going to be impossible to find a long gold dress not too formal for the beach. But, surprisingly prom season came just at the right time. I found this dress at Macy's along among the multitude of prom dresses. It was perfect! The top half of the dress is classy enough for a wedding with its intricate design and the bottom half was casual enough for the beach with the tulle skirt. I picked all gold accessories so that the entire look would blend together nicely. 

During the wedding ceremony I got to read a beautiful prayer. It really puts relationships into a wonderful perspective. So here it is and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

A Blessing for The Journey (Buddhist Prayer)
Let us vow to bear witness to the wholeness of life,
realizing the completeness of each and every thing.
Embracing our differences,
I shall know myself as you,
and you as myself.
May we serve each other
for all our days,
here, there, and everywhere. 
Let us vow to open ourselves to the abundance of life.
Freely giving and receiving, I shall care for you,
for the trees and stars,
as treasures of my very own.
May we be grateful
for all our days,
here, there, and everywhere.
Let us vow to forgive all hurt,
caused by ourselves and others,
and to never condone hurtful ways.
Being responsible for my actions,
I shall free myself and you.
Will you free me, too?
May we be kind
for all our days,
here, there, and everywhere. 
Let us vow to remember that all that appears will disappear.
In the midst of uncertainty,
I shall sow love.
Here! Now! I call to you:
Let us together live
The Great Peace that we are.
May we give no fear
for all our days,
here, there, and everywhere. 

- Sensei Wendy Egyoku Nakao

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