On Point(e)

Wearing: Kora Rae Top, Balenciaga Skirt, Fendi Sunglasses, Bloch Pointe Shoes

Location: Sherman Oaks

So today I decided to do a little dance shoot. I haven't worn my pointe shoes in forever so excuse a little bit of out of practice technique. But it felt good being back in my element. It reminded me that I can always use dance as an escape from the world when it gets too hectic. 

I can't believe I found the Balenciaga skirt at a thrift store! It is my favorite thrift find so far. I love the way its asymmetrically shaped. The top I'm wearing is reversible! My next GBStyle post will feature the other side of it. So be on the lookout for that. Lastly, I adore how the sunglasses give my outfit a pop of color. Reflective lenses are so in trend right now. 


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