Wearing: Urban Outfitters maxi skirt, MINKPINK crop top, Wildfox Couture sunglasses, VLTA jewerly, Dolce Vita sandals                           

Location: Waikiki, Hawaii

After spending many sad days looking at everyone's pictures and videos from Coachella I've decided that I am definitely going next year! Although festival season this year is about halfway over, it's never too late to prepare for next year! This beachy festival look combines bold and elegant pieces. The floral maxi skirt gives the outfit a more feminine feel, while the sunglasses, crop top, and jewelry adds some edge to the look. I always try to have contrast in my outfits because it makes the entire look more interesting and fun! 

Here's a little something about the awesome necklaces that I'm wearing! 

If you haven't heard of VLTA then you have to definitely check them out! They make eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry that I am just head over heels for. All the metals they use are recycled and all the stones they used are ethically sourced

The pieces that I'm wearing are their Crystal Vial Necklace with Turquoise and Crystal Stackable Necklace. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, they are functional as well! You can actually unscrew the vial necklace and put any kind of essential oil or perfume inside the vial. The vial diffuses the oil and/or perfume that you put in. How cool is that?! I personally love having my Chloé perfume in my crystal vial. Of course I had to make sure that these pieces were travel friendly and easy to care for. I usually don't wear that much jewelry because it is such a hassle to take pieces on and off. But, these necklaces are so durable! They don't tarnish at all, even if you spill the oil and/or perfume you're filling it up with. I wore the pieces on the plane, in the ocean, on the beach, etc. and they are still in perfect condition. My next buy from VLTA will definitely be their Crystal Vial Cuff or maybe I'll go for one of their custom pieces. My friend has a custom VLTA piece that has moldavite! Moldavite is rock/mineral that is created when a meteorite hits the Earth. Jewelry can't get any cooler than that! I am so in love with VLTA. Make sure you follow them on Instagram to get updated on special deals and giveaways! 

Use discount code GBSTYLE15 at VLTA for 10% off! 

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