You're Never Too Old For Some Disney

Wearing: Disneyland Sweater, Disney Ears, Nike Shorts, and Adidas Sneakers

Location: FD Photo Studio, Downtown LA

I just really wanted to show off the sweatshirt that I got the last time I went to Disneyland so here's a fun Disney themed post! 

I recently took my roommate and bestie to Disneyland. On our way out we of course stopped by the Disney store in Downtown Disney. I usually don't really buy anything except kettle corn but I couldn't resist getting this super cute sweatshirt. It was a limited time release item! The sweatshirt commemorates both Disneyland's 60th anniversary and 2015 holiday season. It even has a little Olaf on it! 

I'm also going through a sneaker phase so I decided to throw my new Adidas Superstar Originals into the mix. They're a less popular model but I love how different they are. Surprisingly I had to get them in a 5.5 when I'm usually a 6.5. So make sure you try on your Adidas before buying them! 

Make sure you watch the travel vlog I made at the end of this post! 

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Check out my Disneyland Travel Vlog! 

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