Farfetch x MYSWEAR


SWEAR is a footwear brand that was created in 2001 by the founder of Farfetch.com, José Neves. Both SWEAR and Farfetch.com offer their clients the most fashion forward and contemporary looks of today. At Farfetch.com you can find a wide variety of carefully curated styles from the top brands and designers. I personally love scrolling through the site because every item on there is just impeccable. If I could buy it all I would! I'm pretty new to SWEAR footwear but I am already head over heels, literally, for the brand. It perfectly captures a cool but bold feel, which is what my style is all about! 

My Design 

Theres more! With MYSWEAR you can now completely customize your own pair of SWEAR shoes! So of course I had to design a pair of my own. I have been dying for a new pair of sneakers but nothing in the stores has really caught my eye. MYSWEAR came to my rescue!

Without any hesitation I immediately picked the 'Regent' Hi Top Sneakers to customize. This shoe definitely has the casual cool vibe that I've been searching for. Now on to my personal design!

My design involves a lot of different textures. I would say that my style is extremely versatile. Not every piece in my closet is black nor do they all match with each other. Mixing textures is one of my favorite ways to really personalize my looks and ensure that they do have that versatility factor. I hate being 1 dimensional in any aspect of my life! So my design includes suede, python, and metallic material. As for the colors, rose gold is an absolute obsession for me. It's a delicate color but if you wear it right it can definitely make a statement. I think it's so cool that I can make the soles of my shoes rose gold. I'm so tired of the normal black, white, brown, grey, etc. soles. It's a small detail that makes a huge difference in my opinion. Lastly, I designed my shoe so that it can be worn casually or dressed up. I can see myself pairing these with a pair of distressed jeans and a simple sweater or with a classic black jumpsuit and a printed blazer. You can take a look at my design below! 

Try customizing your own pair and let me know in the comments how you catered your design to your own personal style!