Mingling in Malibu

Malibu Wines Safari

I recently attended a Millennials in Travel event at Malibu Wines Safari. I've been seeing photos of this mini adventure that's tucked away in the mountains of Malibu all over social media lately. So when I got the invite to this event I was so excited to go! 

I would say that the safari definitely lives up to the hype. I'm a huge animal lover so I had an amazing time! Unfortunately I'm allergic to alcohol so I can't really give you any reviews about the wine itself but the few sips that I did take were delicious! 

On a typical wine safari you'll check in and then jump right on into one of their super cute safari vehicles. You'll be driven into Saddlerock Ranch, which is approximately 1,000 acres, and your tour begins! You'll get to feed carrots to alpacas, yaks, horses, and zebras! If you decide to go with the giraffe safari option then you'll meet Stanley, the resident giraffe. He's actually the giraffe that's in the Best Buy commercials and Hangover 3! I support Malibu Wines Safari and Saddlerock Ranch because most of the animals on the ranch are rescues and most of the horses are just boarded at the ranch by their owners.

The wine tasting portion of the tour starts after you say goodbye to the adorable animals. You'll get about 3 white wines and 3 red wines along with crackers and gourmet dip. After mingling with the other guests over your glass of wine and enjoying the amazing view your tour will sadly come to an end. 

I am totally obsessed with Malibu Wines Safari! I really wish that I spent my 21st birthday here instead of in Vegas! You can see all of their safari options here. Head on over to this hidden gem and let me know how your experience went! 

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