Suite Life in the Skylofts

Skylofts: The Best Rooms In Vegas

Everyone knows that the Las Vegas strip is filled with 21st birthday celebrators, bachelor party goers, and 3 day weekend ragers. Yes, the clubs are enticing and the casinos are tempting. But, to me all this doesn't really matter. The party is not what I go to Vegas for. For me, Vegas is the ultimate place to be pampered and being pampered means staying in the best rooms on the strip. 

I'll be listing the most luxurious and insanely awesome rooms in Vegas a little later (so stay tuned for that) but right now let's focus on the Skylofts at the MGM. Really want the best bang for your buck? The Skylofts at the MGM are just that. I got the pleasure of staying a couple nights in the beautiful Skyloft 83 a few years back and I'll definitely be back soon. For my experience in a Skyloft keep reading! 

The Skyloft experience starts far before I actually arrived in Las Vegas. From the moment that I booked my 2 bedroom Skyloft, service from impeccable. The pre-concierge took care of all my concerns, from airport arrivals to cabana reservations, promptly and thoroughly. When my party and I arrived at the airport there were 2 employees already waiting for us at baggage claim. They grabbed our bags and swiftly led us to our rides, gold limousines equipped of course with some complementary FIJI Water. After our short ride we arrived at the MGM. We were ushered into a private VIP lounge and then into a private elevator that led straight up to the Skyloft level, which has its own personal concierge desk. Check in was done all in the comfort of our own room. And to my surprise a cake for me was already sitting on the table! It's always good to start with a little dessert. 

So what really makes these rooms so great? Well let's start with the fact that they are completely soundproof. Yes, we actually checked. We blasted the surround sound Bang and Olufsen sound system at full volume in every room and stepped outside. Not a sound could be heard from the other side of the door. Then there's 24 hour butler service. Whatever you want whenever you want. We ordered yogurt parfaits and wine at all hours of the day and night and our food was always delivered quickly and served very beautifully. But the butler service is not limited to just the room service menu. Even if we needed something like more bobbi pins, the butler got it for us. We asked for bath salts and they delivered a tray with 3 different scents. Literally anything. Speaking of bath and showers. The bath tubs are awesome but the showers are even better. Skyloft showers are embellished with rainfall shower heads, horizontal shower heads, and a steam option. It's a spa in your very own bathroom. I usually don't unpack for such short trips but the closets are huge and I just really wanted to see my clothes hung. If you don't want to do such a chore on your own just call the butler service and they'll do it for you! They'll also keep your fridge fully stocked with complimentary water and sodas! We even had a movie night when we were there. Why? Because the Skylofts have a pillow menu of 15 different kinds of pillows and we got 3 of each kind. There's also an endless list of movies on demand. 21 Jumpstreet. Check. Men in Black. Check. When we were bored of movies we just called up for an Xbox instead. Yup, they have game consoles on demand too. And the pool table, espresso machine, modern interior design, and of course the gorgeous view from the 29th just really top it all off. 

But, VIP service didn't stop in our room. With just a mention of staying at the Skylofts we jumped to the front of taxi lines, buffet lines, show lines, pool lines etc. You just really can have it all. And we really did have it all when we got dropped back off at the airport in 2 Rolls-Royce Phantoms

For what you're getting, a couple nights in a Skyloft during the weekdays or off season is pretty reasonable priced (especially if you're splitting the cost with a lot of people). It's soooo worth it, I promise! 

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