Summer in a Strapless at Sprinkles

Wearing: Free People Strapless Top, Brandy Melville Shorts, and Jeffrey Campbell Platform Heels

Location: Sprinkles Cupcakes, Beverly Hills, California, USA

It's casual Sunday and a very hot one too. Summer has finally hit and it hit hard. I swear it was around 102 today or at least that's what my car was telling me. This heat wave is killing everyone. But I have the perfect cure! 


I have an extremely obvious obsession with this place. Sprinkles Cupcakes is to me the best cupcakery in the entire world, my ultimate favorite place to get dessert. Then a few years back they added ice cream to their already fabulous line up of cupcakes. Life is all good here. 

I recently started a vegan...well restarted for the 20th time...a vegan diet. Good thing Sprinkles offers a vegan red velvet cupcake and a vegan strawberry sorbet ice cream. So I don't have to miss out on a thing! 

Okay so onto my outfit. If you're sizzling in the heat then a strapless top is the way to go! It's a super cute way to cool off. I like wearing strapless tops that have a bit more weight, less airy and ethereal, more textured. For example this one from Free People has multiple details: cut outs, stitching, a second layer, and a double elastic feature. The material is pretty heavy so instead of filling up with air and making me look like a balloon, it weighs itself down and as a result slims me down too! 

Also white shorts are so not out. No matter what people say. It's a great way to add some brightness to your outfit this summer. I actually really love these Brandy Melville ones because they're super stretchy, which means super comfy! 

And last. To elongate my legs I went with some Jeffrey Campbells. If you're looking for platform heels you can never go wrong with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells. They're first and foremost super tall, super cute, and super comfortable, believe it or not. No other platforms have come even close. I can walk in these all day without wanting to kill myself. 

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10 Restaurants You Have to Try in Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is known for many things. Surf, sand, and sun being the top 3. But did you know that this island paradise also comes with a delectable serving of savory foods? Here's 10 restaurants you have to try in Oahu. 

1. Rainbow Drive-In

Rainbow Drive-In is the spot for quick, cheap, and delicious traditional Hawaiian Foods. They serve up all the traditional plates, like the Loco Moco bowl, as well as their infamous slushes, which are basically like huge servings of shaved ice with your choice of syrup in a cup. Sugar high? Yes. And if you're a super fan or just want some cool souvenirs they also have merchandise. 


2. Leonard's Bakery

Leonard's Bakery sits just a quick drive down from Rainbow Drive-In. Two birds with one stone right? So if you opted out of the Rainbow Drive-In slush and are still craving something sweet hop on over to Leonard's. They're famous for their malasadas, Portugese doughnuts. You can get them either coated in plain sugar, cinnamon sugar, or li hing, or filled with custard, chocolate, coconut, or their flavor of the month. If you want them hot and fresh go right when they open. This will also give you the largest variety of options because they do sell out quick! 


3. Giovanni's Shrimp Truck 

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck is a seafood lovers haven. It's all the way on the North Shore so if you're staying in Waikiki you're going to have to catch a ride. I recommend renting a convertible Mustang. It's a pretty chill way to cruise around the island. People seriously drive to the North Shore just to eat from this food truck. The hype's real and really it's that good. Be prepared to get your hands dirty because the shrimp comes sauced in your choice of garlic, hot spice, or lemon butter. 


4. Ono Hawaiian Foods 

Ono Hawaiian Foods is by far my favorite restaurant on all of Oahu. This is my pick for authentic Hawaiian food on the island. I have to eat here every single time I'm in Waikiki. My go to plate (not anymore because I'm vegan now) is the Kalua Pork and Laulau. Their food is amazing and their service is too. If you mention that it's your first time there or even first time trying Hawaiian food they'll walk you through the menu and even bring out samples for you to try! The restaurant is super small so a line can form pretty fast. Get there early to beat the lunch rush. 


5. Helena's Hawaiian Food

Helena's Hawaiian Food is another extremely popular place for authentic Hawaiian Food. It's a perfect fit for that laid back all chill Hawaiian island vibe. Here you'll get some home cooked hot food and homey hospitality too. The restaurant is still family owned and run by Helena's very own grandson. And now I'm tempted to say "Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind".

6. Ono Seafood 

Ono Seafood, blink and you'll miss it. This hole in the wall serves up a mean plate of fresh fish. If you came to Hawaii for poke this is your stop. The bustling little shop is constantly buzzing with the sounds of hungry patrons and poke bowl prep. You get quite a lot of food for the price too so that's a plus for sure. Like all other popular Hawaiian little shops this place gets crowded fast. But because it runs itself sort of like a deli the wait goes by pretty fast. 

7. AGU Ramen

AGU Ramen brings in some Japanese flare. Ramen has become quite popular within the past couple of years. It's a cheap and filling food so I can see why it's such an attractive food. Many people will argue that this is the best ramen on the entire island. And I can't totally disagree with that statement and that's saying a lot since I'm not the biggest fan of ramen. I love that they offer up some real spice. Hot enough to make our whole table cry tears while devouring our meal. 


8. Marukame Udon 

Marukame Udon is like the Chipotle of noodles. It's udon served up cafeteria style! Udon has always been my favorite type of noodle so of course I'm a little attached to this restaurant. Here you can actually watch the entire process of udon making. From a large pile of dough into your large bowl of soup. It's also super cheap so if you're on a budget opt for a meal here. 


9. Bubbies

Bubbies calls out to all you mochi lovers out there. Handmade ice cream and handmade mochi. Dessert has never been easier or more delicious! Actually you don't even have to be in Hawaii to taste a bit of their ice cream. Whole Foods now serves mochi ice cream from Bubbies so depending on where you live you may have a little of Hawaii just down the street. 

10. McDonald's 

McDonald's. I know what you're thinking. Seriously you're going to put McDonald's on this list Genie? Yes, I am so so serious. Why? Because, one word, Spam. And if you're a Spam hater then you can just stop reading now. If you didn't already know, McDonald's usually has a specialty item in different countries. In Hawaii they have Spam! In addition to Spam they also have saimin, which is like noodles or ramen, and taro pie. 

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Two Toned Denim Skirt

Wearing: Oh My Love London Top, Free People Skirt, Kork Ease Platform Sandals, Urban Outfitters Bralette, and Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

Location: Desert X, Somewhere in the Desert, California, USA

Okay so I'm kind of cheating with this post because I totally already posted a style post with this exact same look. BUT I DIDN'T OUTFIT REPEAT. This was just on the same day as my other post and I remembered I had these photos today. 

I wanted to talk really fast about this two toned skirt from Free People because it's pretty awesome. And it's still available so I'll link it below!

Here are some reasons why I love it: 

1. The two tonage of the skirt makes you look slimmer because it helps your body create vertical lines
2. Denim on denim. Need I say more? 
3. So easy to pair with any crop top. You can totally make it casual. dressy, festivally, clubby, whatever you like! 
4. IT'S STRETCHY. Yup you read that right. It's made of super stretchy material that actually hugs your body. This makes it super easy to put on and move around it. But you don't get any weird sags in the material. Actually if you notice my skirt's a little turned in some photos because I danced around a little. As you can see below VVVV. PS. Follow me on Insta! 

Free People Modern Femme Mini 

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Like A Local: Seoul, Korea

Like A Local

A common question that comes to my mind, and I'm sure yours as well, when I'm traveling is "what do the locals do?" I truly believe that everything and every place is worth seeing at least once. Whether it is something touristy or something off the beaten path, that something is special and more importantly new to you! There's so much we can learn by opening ourselves up to new adventures. So, of course, one of the best ways to do this is to live, explore, and experience a place "like a local"! 




Most restaurants in Seoul are reasonably priced, but beware - you may be in for a long wait at some of the most popular spots!

Vatos Tacos - Korean/Mexican fusion / $$-$$$ 

Linus BBQ - Southern U.S. BBQ / $$-$$$

ANY Korean BBQ joint / $$-$$$ - they're all just slightly different in what they offer/the sides that come with your meat, but we haven't found one we didn't enjoy.

Braii Republic - South African / $$-$$$


Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in Korea, and you'll find them on every corner. Just make sure what you're walking into isn't a "themed cafe" - those are fun and you should definitely visit a cat cafe (or sheep cafe or raccoon cafe....), but you won't find any peace and quiet there! 


Hwaeseong Fortress

Hwaeseong Fortress

With mountains pretty much surrounding Seoul, there are SO many places to hike if you're willing to go a little outside of the city! Hwaseong Fortress is one of my favorites! If you're looking to stay close-by, Bukhansan Mountain will give you a view of the city from above.

Retail therapy is also abundant in Seoul - while there are plenty of shopping meccas (think: Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, Myeongdong), some of my favorite finds have been while wandering the side streets in Itaewon or Insadong. 


Hongdae Mural Street for it's wall art & Namsan Tower for it's views of the city.


Gyeongbokgung Palace. It's right in the middle of Seoul, so the contrast between the palace and the city surrounding it is surreal. Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. You'll want to stick around for a few hours as there is a TON to see - not to mention the guards that stand out front of the main palace gates! The Blue House (presidential residence) and Bugaksan mountain are also situated directly behind it, so the area is full of things to see! 


It's not well known among foreigners now, but in about a year Pyeongchang will be a household name. Technically it's a day trip from Seoul, but the future host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics is someplace you can't miss if you're in Korea! Seoul has a lot to offer, but Korea is so much more than that - you should definitely head up for a weekend of  skiing/snowboarding if you're looking to get off the beaten path & out of the big city! 


Korea's president, Park Geun-hye, was impeached just last December and the news just broke that the decision will be upheld by Korea's Constitutional Court! Currently, an interim president is in place while the country prepares to elect her replacement on May 9th.


- Trains can get you almost anywhere in Korea, and the subway system in Seoul is your go-to for just about everything else. It's clean, safe and easy to use (for the most part)! I'd recommend downloading the Subway Korea app before you go. 

- Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world for women traveling alone. 

Retail Therapy in Insadong, Seoul.jpg

- When walking through the city, be aware of traffic - even if you have the right of way! Drivers (and buses) are aggressive and don't slow down for anything!


Seoul is so great because it has so much diversity to offer. You can have Bibimbap for dinner and go out to Norebong (Korean karaoke - a MUST do!), but there's also an H&M and a Starbucks on every other corner. See a UNESCO World Heritage Site by day, and then grab Mexican food in Itaewon that night. The possibilities are endless, and I promise you'll never get bored!

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"Like A Local" offers you a peek into a part of the world that may be foreign to you through the eyes of a local! If you are interested in submitting your own "Like A Local" story please contact me via email at with subject headline "Like A Local"

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Brussels Really Lights It Up During The Winter Holiday Season

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Brussels Winter 2016

A peeing little man with more than 900 outfits? A random Christmas rave like light show in the main square? Sure why not? 

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